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Treat your pigmentation with the best solution ACTIVE IPL photo rejuvenation!

From 150€  to 100€/session every 3 weeks

Packages of 4 sessions 400€
(with 4 free diamond microdermabrasion of -200€ value)

Sun spots / Lentigo/ Overall Pigmentation/Pores/Fine lines

Virtually no pain, no down time required

How Does The Treatment Work?

If you’re looking to treat areas of redness or pigmentation for an overall brighter, more even skin tone, ACTIVE IPL treatments are the best option for you.

It is effective and with a course of treatments, can provide long-lasting results.

It uses laser to pulse through the skin’s surface, targeting a specific area in the underlying tissue. In the treatment of pigmentation, the laser causes the pigment to break down into smaller particles, before rising up to the surface of the skin to flake away as part of the body’s natural healing.

Is it invasive?

IPL is a type of laser of soft skin resurfacing treatment, so while you will feel a slight sensation during the treatment, it doesn’t require downtime or is painful.


Is it an antiaging treatment?

Besides going after the brown pigment, Active IPL can also have a subtle effect on fine wrinkles, large pores, acne, rosacea and dilated capillaries. 

What to expect at an Active IPL appointment?

Before you book your Active IPL session, make sure you don't have a tan—even a fake one—as that will interfere with the machine's ability to target the brown pigment. If you use Retin-A, you should stop it 7 days before your session to prevent extra sensitivity.

During the treatment an ultrasound gel will be applied on a treated area and a number of light impulses will be delivered to the skin. The discomfort is minimal. 

Skin may appear red/pink after a session, but this will improve on its own in the hours following the treatment.In the next couple of days the sun pigment will darken, lift and flake away, leaving a fresh new skin .

Is imperative after the treatment that sun block cream will be used, and a calming hydrating cream.

We recommend DR. Zein Obagi melamine inhibitors creams like retinols or arbutin to maintain the results.

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pigmentation treatment

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