Revive and refresh your summer-affected skin with Biorevitalisation and smoothen your fine lines around eyes with Mesotox.


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1 treatment 160€

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What is Biorevitalisation?

Biorevitalisation is a technique that uses a specially curated mixture of microinjections made up of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, hyaluronic acid and peptides to:

  • rejuvenate and tighten loose skin
  • lighten pigmented skin
  • treat hair loss or thinning of hair
  • improve stretch marks
  • improve skin tone and pores

Target areas: Face, neck, décolleté, hands. Suitable for the most delicate tissue, such as the skin around the eyes and lips.


What is mesotox eye area treatment?

Mesotox solution acts dually on expression lines, reducing the existing ones and preventing the appearance of new ones. Its unique combination of synergistic peptides works in the inhibition of the skin micro contractions that cause this type of wrinkles.

This is a perfect solution for patients that do not feel at comfort with botox, and prefer a more natural, gentle, smoothing of the skin around the eye area- specifically the lower orbital area where botox cannot be performed. In addition, the treatment can be done in-between botox sessions to maintain set results.

Actives ingredients

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

Regulates and reduces the contraction of dynamic wrinkles.


Stimulates collagen synthesis, enhancing redensification.


Inhibits skin micro-contractions. Prevents the formation of lines and wrinkles.


Is it painful?

  • Absolutely no pain
  • No anaesthetic cream needed prior 
  • No bruising or downtime
  • The skin looks normal immediately after
  • Fast treatment 


In exclusivity only at Cellsan Med Spa Limassol, we use the most sophisticated meso injector currently available on the market – Mesogun U255, made in France.


How many sessions is it needed?

The procedure lasts about 20 minutes, and the patient can immediately resume the daily activities. The therapeutic protocol varies, depending on the age of the patient and condition of the patient's skin.

The treatment requires about 5-6 sessions, performed on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th week of the treatment course.

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