Broken Capillary Treatment Limassol Cyprus

What are Broken capillaries?

Broken capillaries are inefficient, useless tiny vessels. These tiny, web-like vessels can appear anywhere on the body, but are predominately present on the face and legs, which can make clients extremely self-conscious.

At Cellsan Med Spa Limassol we use successfully the High Frequency to remove those unattractive broken capillaries from face and body

What is it and how is it working

High frequency is focused on energy.

Direct Radio high-frequency is great for treating broken capillaries. The machines utilize a hand-held, tiny, blunt probe; imagine an ink-pen with a needle-sized tip and then gently tapping it on the surface of the skin above the broken capillary.
The radio frequency generates a pulse of heat deeper into the skin to cauterize the vessel. In a few days, the body will recognize that the vessel has collapsed and it will absorb and disintegrate it.

A tiny, fine, sterile stainless steel probe directs the HF to the specific area being treated. It is not a needle, nor does it penetrate or puncture your skin.

Is it painfull?

No, is not painful!

This focused energy has a brief stinging sensation while the affected area is being treated.

How many sessions are needed?

Generally, only one treatment is necessary for thin ones usually on the face and up to 3 for a ticker one on legs

Cherry angiomas(red tiny dots) generally blanch immediately

Capillaries usually blanch and are not visible, though may be temporarily slightly pink, and might form tiny scabs.

You must NOT pick at or exfoliate the skin.

How much does it cost?

One angioma (tiny red dot)

€ 10 /each

Nose area


Chin Area




Full face


Full chest area


Lower legs


Upper legs


Full legs


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