Are you on a quest for the perfect lips? You’re not alone!

From Renaissance paintings to celebrities on the red carpet, it’s clear that people have been on the search for the perfect lip for centuries.

It’s no wonder that makeup techniques and lip fillers are popular among those who want to improve their lips.

Simply applying red lipstick can make you feel much more confident and put together!

However, temporary fixes have their downsides and fillers can be painful.
Luckily, a new lip enhancement technique called ClearLift can remedy all of these problems and help you get the lips of your dreams!

ClearLift technology uses a non-ablative laser to painlessly enhance your natural lips. ⁣⁣
Tiny laser beams stimulate the tissue of the lips in order to create a fuller, more perfect lip with the 1:2 “golden ratio.” ⁣⁣
The lasers penetrate deeply to improve color, natural volume, and definition while also creating smoothness. ⁣⁣
This gentle technique is much less invasive than injections and with natural results as the volume comes from your own collagen.

You’ll get beautiful, sensual, more youthful-looking lips with no fillers necessary!⁣⁣

How Does the Procedure Go?

Before going into your appointment, you should remove all of your makeup and start with a clean fresh face.

Since ClearLift is painless, no numbing treatment is necessary.
An experienced practitioner will guide you through the steps as you sit back and relax.
We will gently move the ClearLift laser over your mouth area.

Certain areas of the lip, such as the lower lip and the cupid’s bow, are the main focus areas for enhancement, but the laser will go over the entire lip and mouth area.
ClearLift is a subtle lip enhancer.

It’s not a one-time treatment – it’s meant to be applied multiple times over several weeks in order to get the best results. But the gentleness and painlessness of this approach is worth it.
Recommended sessions 4 maxim 6

Price 100€/ session
Pack of 4 sessions 350€
Pack of 6 sessions 500€

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