One-of-a-kind skin treatment:

-60% Vivace Fractional RF
From 320€ to 150€
✓ No pain
✓ No down time



Excellent results for:

  • Sagging skin
  • Skin tightening
  • Wide pores
  • Acne scarring
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Operation scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Melasma or Dyscromia



This complex treatment takes 1’20 h and it contains 3 major steps:


✔️Hydrafacial (normal cost 80€)
✔️Vivace Microneedling (normal cost 200€)
✔️Mesotherapy without needles (normal cost 40€)

So now from 320€ to 150€ until the end of March 




What are the treatment steps?

  1. HydraFacial soft exfoliation and pores cleansing. This gentle deep cleansing will leave the skin free of debris or dead skin, will help with skin discolouration and superficial pigmentation
  2. Anaesthetic cream to help deliver the treatment painlessly
  3. Vivace fractional needle RF
  4. Mesotherapy with personalized treatment per your skin needs: pigmentation, scars, or anti-ageing

What is Vivace Fractional RF treatment?

Vivace is the newest generation of radio frequency micro-needling and is FDA-cleared for your safety.

This minimally invasive treatment stimulates the natural production of collagen in the skin. It is shown to be effective in alleviating facial wrinkles and fine lines, and tightening and toning the face, neck, hands, and any part of the body.

✔️No pain, no downtime, no side effects.
✔️Next day you can resume your activity without skin peeling or redness.
✔️Can be done in summer without the risk of pigmentation.

This device uses golden insulated needles to, safely, deliver into the deep layers of skin, a certain temperature which will denaturate the weak strands of collagen.

This will trigger a natural healing process which will bring the new formation of collagen and fibres into the skin.
A newer, tighter, firmer, younger skin will form.

These micro needles will leave small channels open for a short period of time.
We take advantage by inducing Mesotherapy serums which will help target even further skin concerns.

The skin after the treatment will be up to 1 hour red with small signs of inflammation which will soon subside.

The next day skin looks normal and sun cream and make-up can be applied.

We only recommend that activities on the first day after treatment like :
hot showers, sauna, strenuous gym, dust , sun exposure to be avoided.
The face can only be washed the next day.

It is recommended a treatment every 2-3 weeks for a number of 6 sessions.
100€ discount is applied if a package of 6 sessions is purchased in advance.
So for 6 treatments, the cost is 800€.

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