Nexultra 1




Nexultra 1 is our advanced skin rebalance gelified emulsion. It helps regenerate and repair epidermal skin and restores the hydrolipidic film. The texture is light.

CONNECT : Filling out the questionnaire and connecting with a doctor is free of charge.


CONSULT : Your one-to-one skincare includes the doctor’s consultation fees and the cost of Universkin skincare kit. As your doctor might need more time or active ingredients to meet your skin concerns, the price for one bespoke serum may vary between 100 and 150 euros or equivalent in foreign currency. Should you choose not to purchase the Universkin skincare kit: you will only be charged for the doctor’s consultation fee.


CONTINUE : One serum will last between 6 and 8 weeks according to the direction for use (4 to 6 drops day and/or night). As your skin and the environmental factors around you change, your formula will evolve.


Your doctor will be behind you during that process to make your skin glowing again. Starting today, your doctor is behind your skin success!