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Scars, pores treatment

Active acne breakouts are causing pain and frustration, but the enlarged pores and scars acne which can be left behind can make one feel terrible. Scars and enlarged pores are formed when a breakout penetrates the skin deeply and damages the tissues beneath it.

The good news is that acne scars and enlarged pores can be improved.

Cellsan med Spa scars and enlarged pores treatments solutions are:

Fraxel non ablative fractional treatment

Excellent results without downtime or pain. A lunch time procedure for:

  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Pores size
  • Excess sebum
  • Texture of the skin

This new powerful fractional laser treatment is fast, easy and provides remarkable results you will be happy to show off. 

The  ClearSkin Pro is a non-ablative fractional erbium laser that is part of the Alma Harmony Pro System. 

This laser delivers pixeled light to the skin through an array of high precision microbeams that penetrate the skin deep into the dermis. This creates narrow, deep columns of skin coagulation, surrounded by healthy, untreated skin. This causes the skin to repair itself by replacing damaged skin with new, younger, healthier skin. 


Pack of 6 sessions 800€

Number of treatments 4-6

At 2-3 weeks interval

150 Treatment

iPixel Er 2940 fractional skin resurfacing

This is a highly effective ablative fractional treatment. iPixel improves overall skin tone, elasticity, texture, increases moisture content and reduces superficial pigmentation and pore size.

The wavelength of the laser is 2,940nm and compared with other resurfacing lasers like CO2, is absorbed much more efficiently by water in tissues. This results in less associated thermal damage to surrounding tissues to achieve tissue ablation, which then results in faster re-epithelialization and faster recovery times.

Is it painfull?

Is virtually painless.

Do I have downtime?

The skin after the treatment looks like sunburned, and from the third to approximately seventh day will gently exfoliate. It can be covered with makeup.

Can I do it in summer or tanned skin?

The laser ablation is performed only in low sunny months. From November to April.

iPixel Er 2940

Pack of 4 sessions 1100€

Number of treatments 2-4

At 3-4 weeks interval

300 Treatment

Vivace Fractional needle Rf

Vivace fractional scars and pores treatments

This non-surgical treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, reduces pores and scars aspect, tightens your skin using the most revolutionary, best-in-class: VIVACE Micro needling RF+Pdt,vDiode laser+Mesotherapy device designed for an incomparable, comfortable experience.

  • Acne scarring
  • Sagging skin
  • Wide pores
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Operation scars
  • Stretch marks

No pain, no down time, no side effects.

Next day can resume your activity.

Can be done in summer without the risk of pigmentation.

Vivace Fractional
needle Rf

Pack of 6 sessions 1000€

Number of treatments 6 sessions

At 3 weeks interval

200 Session

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