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Skin Tightening Treatment

What causes lax skin?

One of the most apparent signs of ageing is loose skin. Since it cannot be targeted solely by dieting and exercise, sagging skin can be hard to deal with.

Wherever you find it— along your waistline, over the cheekbones, around your chin or under your arms—loose skin is a common issue many people face. Over the years, invasive surgical procedures or injectables have been the common solution for skin tightening. Fortunately, with the evolution of modern technology, that isn't the case anymore.

Our Solution

Alma Prime – an innovative technology with proven clinical results used in skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

Alma Prime is a sensational and revolutionary skin tightening and body contouring treatment. This patented technology uses a safe and comfortable heating method to produce proteins for healthy skin (more on that later). This non-invasive and non-surgical procedure rejuvenates and reinvigorates your skin leaving a younger and healthier looking you.

How it works

Alma Prime works by utilizing a combination of Monopolar and Multipolar to work in synergy and reverse the effects of skin ageing. These two technologies work in unison to safely and comfortably heat the tissue skin beneath your skin’s surface, which prompts your body to naturally produce more collagen and elastin fibers, the key building blocks of healthy, youthful skin. The result? Your skin will become effortlessly tighter, firmer and smoother and leaves your cellulite’s presence diminished.


A combination of monopolar and multipolar

Safe For Every Skin Tone:
Radio frequency is confirmed to be safe and effective for all skin complexions ranging from lighter to darker skin tones.

Noticeable Results:
Enjoy smoother, tighter skin after just a few quick treatments.

Is there any downtime?
Treatments are exceptionally comfortable, and you can resume your day-to-day tasks instantly afterwards.

How does it feel?
Since the treatment is comfortable and has been compared to a relaxing hot stone massage by most, you’ll probably feel very relaxed. Some patients have even fallen asleep during their treatments.

How many treatments do I need?
The treatments are accumulative, which means you’ll need more than one to see lasting results. The recommended number is 4- 6 sessions depending on your body. Your results will continue to develop for up to 3-4 months after your final treatment in your designated plan. Nevertheless, since your face and body will continue to age, maintenance treatments are recommended once a month, depending on each individual person.

Is downtime required?
Thankfully, there is absolutely no downtime required. The area may look a little red and feel warm, but this should go away within one or two hours at the most.

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1. Inner arms


2. Outer arms


3. Full upper arms


4. Abdomen


6. Back


7. Buttocks


8. Inner thigh


9. Outer thigh


10. Upper front leg


11. Upper back legs


12. Lower back legs


12. Lower back legs


6 treatments prepayment package entitles you to an extra session free of charge.

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