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Stretch marks treatment

Stretch marks are the effect of a rapidly growing body in a period of time that stretches the skin abruptly. This stretching pulls on your collagen bundles in the dermis which leads to the same bundles tearing away from each other. And when the body stops growing the skin returns to its normal state; the epidermis, which is the most superficial layer, may appear wrinkly and stretched since it’s not supported by the same collagen structure underneath.

Puberty, pregnancy, increased muscle mass, or rapid weight gain from working out are major factors that lead to tears in the skin. Any abrupt growth that stretches the skin will also stretch your collagen bundles, which in turn leads to stretch marks if your skin has genetically less elastin.

So if you want to have some sort of lasting benefit from your stretch marks’ appearance, we are going to need to develop new collagen.

Our solution at Cellsan med Spa

Vivace Fractional needling

Vivace Fractional needling is a new generation of facelift technology that combines 5 therapies in one.

Highly certified – ISO, FDA

This non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for stretch marks stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which tightens your skin using the most revolutionary, top-shelf technology: VIVACE Micro needling RF+PDT, Diode Laser+Mesotherapy device designed for an unrivalled, comfortable experience.

The results keep improving over time with multiple treatments.

Special offer when a package of sessions are prepaid

200 Session
  • No pain, no down time, no side effects
  • Next day can resume your activity
  • Can be done in summer
  • Recommended treatment once/every 3 weeks for 6-8 sessions
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