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Ultrasound permanent hair removal

Prestigious Frost & Sullivan 2015 European Innovation Award.


Intl. Medical Standard


Med. Production STD

In exclusivity at Cellsan med Spa Limassol, Ultrasound technology is the latest innovation in permanent hair removal field. Excellent results for every type of skin and hair color even GREY Hair.

How does it work?

An ultrasonic small handle is used to transport the acoustic waves directly into the hair shaft, then the ultrasound energy goes exactly to the hair root, where the energy is transformed into heat.

As a result, the hair root`s temperature rapidly reaches the level that is required to cause longstanding damage to the hair’s re-growth system. Since the energy is precisely applied through the hair shaft, the surrounding skin is not affected. Ultrasound permanent hair removal is applicable to all hair colours and skin tones, without pain), and it can be used safely for almost all body areas.

  • Unlike laser permanent hair removal all color of hair can be treated as the ultrasound technology does not rely on the coloring ( melanin ) of the hair to be effective. Ultrasound therapy is even effective on grey hair which was previously not treatable.
  • As the laser permanent hair removal targets the hair roots by the color of it, a tattoo on the skin, can be an impediment. Ultrasound permanent hair removal in these cases is the way to go.
  • At Cellsan med Spa we use the Ultrasound permanent hair removal in complimentary with INOS laser hair removal to target every hair and skin type, on every body part, even the ones which couldn’t be accessible with a laser before like: eyebrows, inner ears, nasal hairs, or hair on a tattoo.

How many ultrasound permanent hair removal treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends upon the body area. For instance, ears, knuckles and areola generally require 6-8 treatments.

What is the recommended amount of time required between ultrasound permanent hair removal treatments?

Typically 3-4 weeks is recommended between permanent hair removal treatments. This will vary amongst individuals, body areas, hair characteristics, etc. Larger areas might not be able to be performed in one appointment only. Following your initial appointment, your therapist can advise you, more accurately about your treatments with ultrasound permanent hair removal.

How much does it cost?

Only 2 €/ minute

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