Tired of using over the counter creams and potions without any effects!

At Cellsan Med Spa we developed together with the UNIVERSKIN representatives, a skin pharmaceutical corner.

After a close-up skin evaluation by one of our medical providers, we can now easily and effectively formulate your personalized skin prescription and target your skin unique needs.

Your personalized medical skin formulations in an instant!

• Why the over-the-counter beauty creams don’t do the job?

• What is the difference between medical creams and over-the-counter ones?


  - Medical - grade skincare products are closely regulated. Most of these are marked as pharmaceuticals or medicine. By law, they must have 99.9 percent pure active ingredients. Before they can be used by the public, there must be scientific evidence showing that the skin care product is safe, beneficial and that it is effective.

 In other words, before a medical-grade wrinkle reduction cream can make it to the market, there are multiple medical studies done showing that it really reduces wrinkles. 

This is not the case with over-the-counter cosmetics.

Over-the-counter skin care products allow you as the customer to self-diagnose the skin and select the care product.

However, when you use a medical-grade skin care product, it is a trained medical professional who examines your skin and prescribes medicine that will adequately address the issue you have.

Over-the-counter skin care products have been designed to work on the majority of the population. For this reason, the concentration of their active ingredient is relatively low. They do this so as not to negatively affect the skin of the general population.

  - Medical grade serums or creams are made to be a lot more potent. They can only be purchased by a physician. They have been developed and researched to the point that they have a sufficient amount of the active ingredient to actually make changes in your skin. A higher amount of the active ingredient usually equates to better-looking skin.

Universkin by doctors provides remarkable results thanks to its unprecedented system that merges biotechnology and a holistic, personalized approach to treatment that allows doctors to tailor the formulas to each individual’s unique needs.

With 19 medical active ingredients available to choose from that act on the 8 main skin functions, your serum is guaranteed to be meticulously crafted to meet your skin’s unique needs.

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